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Who Are Uk Essentials?

Who are UK Essentials?


UK Essentials

Who are UK Essentials?

Ok, the question you’re asking is, Who are UK Essentials? You may not have heard of us before now… Well, let us give you some more information. We want you to trust us so we have written this honest article about who we are, why we do it, and how it all works.

We are a family business based in, yes, you guessed it, the UK. We are parents, we’re pet owners, we’re keen decorators and we love gardening! We also need to have the latest in technology and gadgets!

We got the idea to start UK Essentials so that we could start to write about our passions and experiences in the topics we love and help others learn about products before they buy them. We are also passionate about sharing knowledge. Things like dog training tips, gardening tips, best toys to buy this Christmas…

Whatever you’re looking for we hope you find the answer here!

How did it all start?

It all started over on Facebook. We started to write about products we enjoyed using or good deals we had found. Toys for children, tools for the garden, treats for pets and furnishings for the home. Whatever we felt passionate about, we shared with our audience. People seemed to like this and we got a good response so we decided to rebrand and form an actual business behind it all!

We finally decided to take the plunge and now here we are with our very own website!

Find us on Facebook

Find us on YouTube.

Check out our video below!

What do we do?

Here at UK Essentials we boast an impressive and vast catalogue of products from your favourite retailers and brands. You can navigate your way through our site browsing everything from children’s toys or mobile phones to garden tools or pet beds.

Why not use one of our handy search bars found throughout the site to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Oh, we almost forgot to let you in on a little secret…

We compare prices for you!

Simply select the product you like and if there’s a different price elsewhere we’ll show you!

This is only part of the service we are trying to offer you! We want to give you valuable information too which is why on this blog you will find topical articles.

Everything from “How do I make my own compost?” to product reviews like “Could this be the best value coffee maker?”

Why do we do it?

We all live busy lives! Whether it’s the kids, the job, your hobby or the dog there’s always something or someone that needs your attention!

Nobody wants to spend their much deserved free time scouring the internet looking for the best deals / prices for their desired products. We’ve all seen the adverts on TV for price comparison sites when it comes to car insurance or home insurance etc But what about the retail sector? We couldn’t find a decent solution to this question so we created the solution instead!

There may well be other similar sites out there but we couldn’t name any. We realised there really was a need to help people with this important question: “Where can I find this at the best price?”

There’s also other questions that need answering which start a bit like this:

  • “Which product is the best for …”
  • “How to…”
  • “Why does…”

That’s where our handy blog articles come in. You can find product reviews, how to guides and answers to those “why” questions.

How does it work?

We do the hard work for you. Let’s say you are looking for a new patio set for the garden or a new coffee machine. You might check a few websites or maybe you just go straight to Amazon? The issue is, this can take a long time and at the end of it are you really getting the best product at the best price?

UK Essentials has thousands of products from different well known retailers and brands. This includes Amazon and eBay! We update prices regularly, sometimes daily so you can rest assured that the prices are as accurate as possible! Search for the product you want and we will show you where you can buy it and at what price!

Don’t shop around, shop here!

We want to bring everything into one place, it couldn’t be easier. Just follow 3 simple steps…

UK Essentials slogan

See some of the retailers and brands you’ll find here at UK Essentials.

Who do I make the final purchase from?

We show you the product. We show you the different prices. We provide the link between you and the product. However, we don’t directly sell the product to you.

You buy the product directly from your chosen retailer by clicking the buy or view buttons as shown below:

You’ll be taken to their website to complete your purchase safe in the knowledge that you’ve got plenty of information about the product and that you are buying at the price you choose and from the retailer of your choice!

What’s in for us?

So by now, you’re probably thinking, this is all sounds great, I can search for a product, find out where it is sold and how much it costs. If I check the blog there might be a review for that product too so I can do my research while I’m here…. But what’s in it for UK Essentials? What do they get out of all this if I’m not buying from them?

We told you we want to be honest with you so here’s how it works. We are funded by something called affiliate marketing. You may see notices throughout the website explaining something like “this post contains affiliate links”.

This means that by providing you with this service of search, compare and buy or “Find it – Click it – Buy it” we are directing you towards those retailers or brands.

When you buy something from these companies after clicking one of our links, they will pay us a small commission for helping them connect with you. You can find more info about this in our privacy policy.

Does this affect you as a customer?

The easiest answer of the article! NO!

This does not affect your shopping experience or the price you pay.

However, to say you are truly unaffected wouldn’t be 100% truthful… You are affected in so many positive ways!

  • Price comparison
  • Product reviews
  • Life changing articles (OK, slight exaggeration!)
  • Wide range of products
  • A one stop shop for your online search

The price was wrong – Why is this?

We get our prices directly from the retailers from a source they provide. We update things regularly on our end but if the price hasn’t been updated by the merchants themselves then inevitably the price displayed will be out of date.

We work hard to keep this to a minimum and we work closely with the retailers to make sure things can be kept as accurate as possible but where this does happen we can only offer our apologies. Please trust us that we are always working hard to make sure you get accurate information at UK Essentials.

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